Model of the Month Application
  For your featuring as Model of the Month, we need following material :
- Your information (as explained hereunder*)
- at least 6 recent (and various) pictures of your work (jpg 600 pix height / 200 dpi)
- a full picture (from head to feet) representing your imago to put on our main page (would be your preferred one ever...)

These pictures must represent what you want the audience thinks of you (style, personality)

Your information * should include :
- introduction (if any)
- biography (if any)
- likes and dislikes (movies, music, hobbies, etc...)
- professional abilities and experiences (if any)
- stats (obligatory and included in the interview questionnaire)
- interview (download here)

All apply material should be sent to Webmaster(AT)

To apply to the Model of the Month, please fill this form in.

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Type of Modelling
Artistic-Nude Erotic-Nude Fashion Glamour
BDSM Bondage SM Fetish Gothic
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